Dermablend review!

I’ve always had issues finding a foundation in my shade that doesn’t make me look washed out, but covers the red patches I have on my lower cheeks. However, I found it finally after 12 years of searching and multiple failures I found it!

September 9, 2014 (according to YouTube was my first visual experience of Dermablend makeup, and for the longest time I thought it was a makeup just use for tattoo coverup in a professional setting (movies, etc.) I did, however, kept the brand in mind in the off chance I got a tattoo in a visible area that I’d need to cover for a job. Little did I know that the professionals behind Dermablend had a whole line of foundation products.

A little about Dermablend:

Dermablend was created in 1981 by couple Flori and Dr. Craig Roberts. Craig is a dermatologist, and Flori is a makeup artist. This partnership created a fragrance-free, non-comedogenic(not pore clogging), sensitive skin tested, and allergy tested makeup. Their foundations contain high-performance pigments with formulas developed for all skin tones. The foundations range from a cream to a liquid camo, leg & body, stick, powder, mousse, and (my personal favorite) drops.

My personal favorite:

The flawless creator drops are lightweight, water and oil-free. It offers 16 hours of wear when set with the brands powder. It’s 33% concentrated pigments with the ability to be mixed with moisturizers, oils, serums, and/or sunscreen. The drops are made with no parabens, fragrances, phthalates, triclosans, sodium lauryl sulfates, vegan, and cruelty free!

I personally like to put the drops on after a primer (like MURADs Invisiblur which contains sunscreen). I use two on each cheek, two on my forehead, and one on my chin blending with a foundation brush. The box and bottle have a scale of coverage where 1drop=minimum coverage, 2-3drops=medium coverage, and 4drops=maximum coverage.

This is what my face looks like after a full day of being on the floor at school doing hair and a fun night of work at Beauty Brands. The foundation (even when not set, but I set my makeup always) doesn’t transfer or cake in anyway. It has a silky-smooth feel and honestly I forget I’m wearing it after the initial application.

Dermablend offers the drops in shades from 0-90 on a depth scale with options in cool, neutral, and warm. The drops cost $40 for 1oz (which will probably last me a year-ish), the cream foundation is around $39, liquid camo is $38, leg and body is $34, the stick is $29, powder is $34, and the mousse is $38. Everyone has a different preference and need when it comes to foundation and Dermablend has a foundation choice for every person and skin need.

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