Micheal Todd and why I love him!

Well first off Micheal Todd isn’t a person it’s actually a beauty company (had you fooled right?) Everyone has heard about sonicare the electric face cleaner shown with any proactive commercial, but have you heard about Soniclear?

Soniclear is an electric cleansing brush with patent pending antimicrobial protection on its brushes. Why is this different from Sonicare? Because antimicrobial protection allows the brushes to stay cleaner longer. Basically it stops or kills microorganism therefore keeping your skin fresh and clean, and it prevents things from growing on your brushes (because lets be honest how many of us actually take care of our brushes correctly? Very very few.)

This chart shows the difference between the top four sonic cleaning systems, and provides the evidence of why the Soniclear is (in my opinion) the clear winner (hehe see what I did there…clear winner…get it? 😋) I’ve been told since Esthetics school the dangers of using a sonicare system to cleanse my face, and truthfully I believe it. With many of my clients not cleaning their makeup brushes how can I expect them to clean their cleansing brush? I can’t, which is why I decided to try this system.

First: I work in a salon that offers this system as a tool in my esthetic room, and I won’t use/do something on a client that I haven’t used/done on myself (tool/wax wise; everyone has different skin care needs, and I customize my services based on your skin).

Second: The word ANTIMICROBIAL is a huge selling factor for an esti. We like products and tools that reduce the potential number of bacteria and microbes on our skin and even more our clients skin.

Third: It was out on the sales floor to test (sans actual cleanser, but the brush motion is important.) So I went and tried it on the back of my hand, and it was the lightest cleansing motion I’ve ever felt (but you know what it worked!)

Fourth: There’s multiple attachments to choose from! So if you choose the Soniclear elite model you receive the face and body brush both of which are amazing. There’s an attachment that is specialized for sensitive skin, a cashmere attachment which feels like a feather floating along your face as you wash, an infuser attachment to help serums seep into your skin, and (a new one I just tried) a pedi attachment!

Before my feet were rough around the heels and balls of my feet.

After my feet feel smooth. I used this dry on my feet, but I definitely think if I’d soaked my feet the result would have been even better.

Trust me it gets better…washing my face with this is amazing (would I lie to you? Well depending on if you know me you might not know that answer right off the bat, but I promise you it’s a hard no I wouldn’t lie.) The first night I could actually use the system (it has to charge for a full 24hrs prior to use) I was astonished. It took all (and I do mean all) of my makeup off and I did a second in less than 5mins. As an Esti even with backbar makeup remover it sometimes takes 3mins just to remove all the makeup (thanks to setting sprays and powders which are awesome investments in AZ with this god forsaken heat, but not fun as an Esti who needs to see your skin). The cleansing action isn’t so abrasive that I wouldn’t recommend everyday use, but it’s not like you don’t feel it. I can take off my long wear Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade (which is ridiculous.)

As you can see from the back of the box the Soniclear cleansing system truest cleans better than just hands alone, and is definitely worth the price tag as an investment in keeping your skin looking younger because even if your makeup says non-comedogenic if you sleep with it on it will deep into your pores and cause potential white/black heads.

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