First day jitters.

It’s been a while since I posted anything, and a lot has changed since my last post. Nothing bad just different things. First and foremost I graduated cosmetology school October 14th! Secondly I passed both my written and practical state board exams officially as of December 17th meaning I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for a month by the time I’ll be able to take clients at my job.

Oh I also got a job! My first day of the job was today! It was a lot of store policy like dress code and benefits. My salon manager is amazing she helped me go over tracking my clients so I can start to grow my business and in turn help the company grow. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring besides more onboarding and working on brand specific greetings and consultations.

My floor schedule starts Thursday and I am so nervously excited to start doing what I love! My schedule is: Sunday 11-6, Wednesday 3-9, Thursday 10-3, Friday 3-9, and Saturday 11-6. For those in the gilbert/Mesa area I’m working at the Mesa pavilions near superstition Ulta call (480) 396-7440 to make an appointment with me! I look forward to keeping all of you lovelies updated as I continue in my career.

Have a beautiful day my beauties!

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