Summer Musts!

Pretty Nails!

Summer Lovin’ havin’ a blast! A new collection dropped about a week ago at my Beauty Brands location (can you guess what it is?) GREASE! I have fun memories of this movie playing on TV over the weekends and being able to catch the last musical number which has always been my favorite. So it’s no wonder that I was insanely excited to see this collection of OPI nail lacquers in my store.

I’m honestly a fan of all the colors in this collection, but by far my favorites are: You’re the Shade that I Want and Tell Me About It Stud.

OPI is the worlds leader in nail lacquers and is available in over 100 countries. It’s the nail lacquer of choice for our nail techs at the store. Their polishes are highly pigmented and don’t chip when applied properly. The company was founded in 1981 by the Eastern Europe immigrant George Schaeffer. The company was the first to limit the sales of their polish to beauty professionals focusing on educating the professionals on the sale and use of their product. NONE of OPIs products are tested on animals and the company is focused on the safety of not only the consumer but also their own employees who are told to make safety their first priority.

For me it’s the variety of colors offered by OPI that keeps me coming back for more. Plus I mean have you read the names of some of their colors? I have a pretty blue color at home called “Show Me Your Tips” and the new Grease collection has a teal color called “Teal Me More, Teal Me More”. How they come up with these ultra creative and fashion forward colors is amazing and innovative and makes me look forward to the next collection they plan on coming out with.

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