Let’s Talk Curls.

Anyone else noticing their hair is getting curlier the older they get? No? No one? Just me then. A little history about me. I’ve always wanted (since I first saw Shirley Temple in Little Princess) curly hair, more specifically curly red hair. Now my mother (who was a Cosmo) permed my hair from the time I was 4 or 5 until I was 10. I learned to sit very still as I have a crap-ton (my literal measurement for the amount of hair on my head) of hair, and my mom had to double perm-rod wrap (piggyback wrap) my hair (a tedious process I wasn’t quite aware of until I went to Cosmo school) [I Love you Mom!]

So I’ve had blonde hair, mahogany red hair, violet brown hair, dark dark violet hair, ginger hair, and I’m currently working my way (back to you babe) platinum blonde (a color I really haven’t done.) However all the times I wanted curls throughout all these changes I had to curl my hair with a straightener or a curling iron/wand. My stylist told me the last time that I saw her that my hair just gets more curly the more she sees me, and I don’t know if it’s my propensity to throw my hair up in a quick braid when it’s bothering me or the fact that it’s actually getting curlier as I get older and is finally fulfilling my wish for ringlet curls. Either way her I am talking about curls.

This is what my hair looks like after I had a few of my lovely friends of color in school cornrow braid my hair so we could make me a wig (we were learning it in class and sometimes I don’t like to do my hair [seriously I’m lazy people].) I’ve had my hair in cornrows since Friday and just took them out last night. I honestly love the way my hair looks and wish it could look this way all the time, but I’m not willing to cornrow my hair every week to have this happen.

I’ve noticed that the more I lighten my hair the more of a curl pattern emerges from my hair and I’m not sure if this is due to the damage that I’m causing by blowing the cuticle of my hair open or if it’s just hormones. Upon talking to my mother I found out that my birth-mother has curly hair, and that my hormones could just be taking their course in my system making my hair curlier as a result. Either way I’m excited about the opportunities my curly hair will afford me in my future career as a Cosmetologist.

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