Let’s talk about Lipstick!

So for the longest time I wasn’t a lipstick girl. I didn’t like the feel or the texture of lipstick. If you can’t already tell I spent most of my high school and collage years in a perpetual state of comfort (let’s be real I was a Tomboy!) So recently when I made my foray into lipstick it was because of Twofaced’s marketing campaign. I made my first lipstick purchase in years, and it sent me into a lipstick spiral of fun.

Not long after that purchase I found myself drawn to Smashbox and their Always on Liquid Lipstick. I started out on a color called Rust Fund (a copper tone that matched my hair at the time, but still looks good on me as a blonde) and worked my way into a Marilyn Monroe worthy red called Maneater (a crimson color with the perfect amount of pearlescent glow to top it off.)

A Little about the lipstick:

First: The color stays on for 8 hours. Trust me I’ve tested this extensively. The first time I wore it, it lasted through a whole day of school (talking to clients, drinking water out

Second: It’s infused with a primer oil complex that helps to condition your lips while you wear it. So say goodbye to that cracked lip feeling after a day of wear.

Third: It’s so lightweight that I forget that I’m wearing it (until I dig into an order of French fries since you want to use an oil based makeup remover to remove it.)

About Smashbox:

The company is named after the box style camera made popular in the early 1900s and they grew out of their Smashbox Studios (based in LA) to the makeup company we love today.

It’s all about being your most kickass beautiful self at Smashbox. – according to their story on their website.

There are tons of colors to choose from whither you decide to shop online or come visit us at Beauty Brands to pick up your next favorite lipstick. I promise there’s something for everyone! I can’t wait to see your shining faces made even more beautiful by the addition of some smashbox lipstick. 🙂

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